Let's transform the dispute resolution experience of citizens

PUCAR is a public mission by a collaborative of Changemakers


Clean Sheet Design for Cheque Bounce Disputes

Reimagining proceeses, from the minute the cheque bounces till judgment by the court

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JIVA : Judges Intelligent Virtual Assistant

JIVA, an AI tool, aids judges in swift law search; tuned for Karnataka and central laws

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Court Performance Metrics: Measuring Judicial Functioning

Metrics assess judicial system using litigant expectations; applied to Mumbai courts

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Jagrit: A Voice-Enabled Legal Assistant

The AI chatbot, provides legal information in text and voice, supporting three languages

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We believe anyone should be able to use and build upon our efforts, easily and for free.

So we create public goods such as :

Blueprints of process re-engineering & technology modules

Prototypes & reference solutions

Open datasets and knowledge

Digital Public Goods and Digital Public Infrastructure, including APIs and protocol

What our work can look like

Community of Collaborators


Initiatives Playground


A chatbot for citizens to ask and get legal information relating to domestic violence cases, in voice or text, in 3 languages

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Judges Intelligent Virtual Assistant - an AI based tool to assist judges to quickly search and find laws.

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Court Performance

Court Performance tracker - If you are involved in a legal dispute regarding debt recovery, this website will help you make choices among the legal remedies that are available.

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Clean Sheet Design Process for S.138

Work in progress, prototype of the redesigned s.138 case flow

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